The Cute Story Of A Homeless Busker And His Cat Who Became Famous


Bob the cat and street musician James Bowen share a real bond. Photo: Reuters

When I viewed this popular video about a cat called Bob, it gave me a warm feeling.

It's the cute tale of a street busker and a homeless cat who found each other on a London street, and are now inseparable.

Now, after writing a book and giving up hard drugs, busker James Bowen was approached by Hollywood to make his life into a movie, "A Street Cat Called Bob."

The book that started it all and has made Bob and author James Bowen famous.

A book signing session with Bob taking refreshment, and James Bowen.

It's very touching, but the real lesson is this...

It made me feel warmer towards our own cat - and buskers.

In other words, I can't see either of them without thinking of Bob and James' journey. And so I'm more inclined to be more friendly to cats and street musicians too.

James does a high-five with Bob in the documentary.

The story changed my thinking, and made life seem less bleak - more human and friendly.

In short, it was inspirational.

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One of several videos featuring cat Bob and James Bowen. Enjoy.

Not only do I read frequently about the benefits of lottery winning, but I pass some of my information on to you in this blog.

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Enjoy the video

Just like the street cat called Bob and his owner, and their inspiring time together which has produced a book and a possible film.

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