LIVING THE DREAM: How Will Your Life Change When You Win The Lottery?

Will your lifestyle change when you win the lottery? You bet. So how about your attitude to money and spending?

Many winners say they will stay the same after the win - even promising they'll return to their old job.

But the reality is much different. As you get used to having enormous fortune on tap, you'll look at money quite differently.

And you'll often have a lot of change to cope with. Here's some hints on how to manage it.

You may have to shift communities. There's a certain envy about people getting rich in low income areas. As you'll discover, having money will make your life more enjoyable - but it's hard to conceal the expensive toys. And you WILL want them! So make the move away if you can, and you'll have an easier life.

You'll think differently about the future. Imagine your days free of financial worry. Then think about how you'll replace that big worry gap. My daughter recently gave part of her stressful job to a temporary staff member. While that took the day-by-day worry off her, she was a little lost without the daily pressure. Make sure you don't fall back into the same life you're trying to leave.

Stop seeing money through the eyes of emotion. There's usually no fear of failure when you have enough money to fill the hole. Forget your thoughts of never being able to retire and embrace the future. The rich think about money logically, so start seeing your pile as just numbers.

Follow your passion. Now you have no work or play barriers, you can choose to do anything. Drop the jobs or tasks you dislike and farm them out to outsourcers. Keep the jobs you like.

Raise the ambition bar. Never thought you'd own a jet or a cattle ranch? Now you can. Break free of your old-school thinking and set yourself some mighty targets. Don't follow the conventional path. Start by changing your living patterns. If you dressed up for your job, then do as I do - wear casual wherever you go. You don't need to make the 'right' impression any longer... your money speaks for you.

Set yourself a challenge. Whether it's climbing a mountain or building a monument, you don't have any barriers now. Spend the time to learn something new.

Don't spend your own money. If you have a grand idea, think about whether you need to finance it yourself. If it is a business with some promise, get outside capital instead of spending your own winnings. 

Live below your means. That sounds strange, I know. But many millionaires have found that their fast lifestyle brings more expense. You may not have bodyguards or fly in chefs from France, but even many small costs add up to a big bill after a while. Keep an eye on the ledger!

Give back. This is the fun part. Set aside part of your fortune and help those less fortunate. Mix it with some involvement to get connected and see where your money goes. My wife was involved in building homes for the poor in Mexico for a while, traveling there to help other volunteers. It was a terrific experience for her.


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