PROVEN: Why These Strange Number Sets Don't Really Matter - There's A Law That Changes Them

People get lucky lives by chance - but not the lottery.

We live in a world of numbers, you and I.

For me, it's a vocation, my life. For you, numbers are just a means to an end - winning a vast amount of money so you never have to worry about doing the dishes or choosing to go by car or train.

But right now there's been a big emphasis on numbers.

Take the date just passed: 12/12/12. It will be the only time this century that repetitive numbers line up like this.

Some people got married at 12 minutes after noon on that day. Unlike me, they'll never forget their wedding anniversary. (Sorry dear!)

And then there's a reversed number in that date.... 21/12/12. The so-called end of the world based on a Mayan calendar.

One of the advantages of being in the Southern Hemisphere here is that we'll experience the end of civilisation a day before anyone else. So I'll let you know :)

Crazy, when you believe how some people can believe facts like these without thinking it out.

Numerology is another figures department. These people believe that your life can be controlled by sequences of numbers based on your birth date.

So, in the world of strange numbers, how do the lottery numbers pan out? Well, they're somewhat unpredictable, even for the best of us. The last two games got me no wins at all.

But I'm not worried. You see, there's a law that makes it all right again...

The law of averages.

So unlike these world events that are a once-off occurrence, lottery numbers always bounce back each week based on the law of averages. We can be very sure that our next game will be a winner for us, especially if you use the Lotto-80 system.

By the way, don't add lucky numbers to your lottery ticket. There's no proof anywhere that these kind of numbers have any influence on your luck. Stick to the system and it will work for you.

Hey Ken, to hand it to you, the lotto system you invented should be destroyed so only I can use it. I had to share my prize with 3 others which made it only $54,370.00 for me, but Im not complaining...

Jeb G. (allth************