SMARTPLAY: How To Maximise Your Lottery Winning Experiences

My record wins for just one game in October - 22 winning tickets!

Everyone using my system gets a win - or many - at some time. As you see in the photo above I recently had 22 winning tickets in one game. I get multiple wins each time I play.

When you do get a number of wins, mark the occasion by doing this:

  • First, when you get a sizable winning either in multiple tickets or a large win, ask the lotto store to give you back your tickets.
  • Lay out the tickets in a fan and photograph them. Use that photo as your phone or computer screensaver.
  • Keep your biggest winning ticket folded in your wallet so you'll see it each time you open it.

Never won before and got a small win for the first time when you finally used my System? That ticket is worth putting on your fridge door or blu-tacked to your computer so you can see it.

Each of these steps mark the winning occasion for you, so whenever you get a down week you can look back and remember your successes.

This step of displaying your winning tickets is important because we all need motivation.

And it's easy to forget your successes as the next few games roll around.

Constant and multiple wins are a reality for the Silver Lotto System, but we also have to be realistic. It's a numbers game, and the chance of a winning streak running out for a short time is always there.

In that break time, use it wisely. Remember the good times as you look at your tickets, and plan for the future.

Use plenty of visualization to bring all the happy thoughts into your brain. Think of all the good you can do with a vast amount of wealth, and also the joy it can bring you and others.

And don't forget the stuff you can buy... it's always easier to concentrate on a Ferrari than a joyous thought, so make your dreams concrete!