I Was Rude To The Repairman, And He Just Laughed At Me

As I held the door open for the dishwasher repair guy to leave, I said, "I hope we never see you again!"

We had a good laugh over that.

While it's nice to get something repaired, it is always better to have it working all the time.

Some of you like to 'repair' your Silver Lotto System. Maybe the figures don't look right to you, and you substitute your own numbers based on a lucky number or something that has worked in the past for you.

Or you found another system and tried to inject some of those figures into your new layout.

Let me tell you this without being rude: It won't work.

I bought another car a while back, this Mercedes SL500 sports car. Ultra shiny black.

It is perfect in every way, but the driver's side exterior mirror is a bit loose. So there's wind noise and it moves in the slipstream a little.

But would I fix it myself?

Never. Off it goes on Monday to the servicing bay to have an expert look at it. And he will likely fix it in a few minutes... whereas I will have to refer to the workshop manual, assemble tools together, find a part and so on.

The answer is to let the experts do what they've spent years learning.

Don't try and alter things yourself - it never pays off.

Here's what happened when one of my Silverites followed my instructions:


1. Get the System with LottoPredict
2. Add PRO Custom Profiles