Keep It To Yourself! How To Stop Others From Grabbing Your Share Of The Prize

Ever wondered how to avoid sharing your win with other players who also had the correct numbers?

When you select which day to play your lotto game, play the off-peak games for greater profits.

For some areas this could be a midweek game... say a Tuesday or Wednesday instead of the popular Saturday game.

This is because the mid-week games are played by fewer players. And if a smaller number of players are involved, the odds for winning and sharing a greater part of the win are dramatically improved for you.

To find out which days are the least popular, go down to your local lotto store in off-peak times and simply ask them! You'll be surprised what you can find out about the habits of your fellow players.

One way to bypass this problem is to use my Winner's Circle. You won't have to worry about selecting, paying for tickets or choosing the day of the week... it's all done for you!

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