We Spy Famous Filmaker And Make Connection To Winning The Lottery

Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh a long while back. Photo via deadline.com

My daughter and I were cruising around the bays this afternoon in the Bentley. She was visiting me, and we were filling in time looking at places she hadn't seen for a while.

It was a perfect day... plenty of sun and no wind.

As we rounded a corner I idly pointed out that filmaker Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, King Kong, TinTin etc) lived in the area... somewhere about where we were driving right now.

I was telling her about the Aston Martin DB5 he owned that was sometimes parked there.

At that very moment she said, "Oh, isn't that him?"

I looked out and there were the departing figures of Peter and his partner Fran Walsh walking along the pavement.

Alone with each other, holding hands, they were just wandering slowly... enjoying the sun and the privacy.

In any other country they might have been mobbed. Here, one of the most influential film producers in the world and his wife were walking undisturbed like any other tourist.

My daughter and I looked at each in amazement. I had spoken, and he appeared! 

Not flying round the world in his $68million Gulfstream jet. Not lavishing in his multi-million dollar country manor. Not surveying his mighty film empire in Mirirmar, just 10 minutes from here... acres of buildings, sound stages and sets.

But 20 feet away from us, in person.

That wasn't the first coincidence of the day. There were two more.

Earlier in the drive I pulled into a city service station to fill up with gas. As I approached the teller inside to pay and told him my pump number, he looked across and said, "Snap!"

I looked blankly at him, wondering if he was trying to sell me something extra. He explained, "Same car in the next lane."

And sure enough, another identical Bentley - a four-door model in the same color - had parked next to my two seater.

These cars are not rare, but in our small city the chance of seeing two at the same time - in the same color is unique. 

Then the gas amount clicked up on the till screen...$111.11.

If I were a superstitious person I would go out and buy a lottery ticket. If I were a university-trained mathematician I would also be surprised at all the coincidences.

I am neither, but I know one thing... these events pointed out to me how my system is so successful.

Here's how...

With both Peter Jackson and the gas station, I was in the same AREA and time as my lucky spottings. If I had been 20 miles away and on the day before, this would not have happened at all.

Peter Jackson enjoys cars too. He owns the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang original.

My system works in the same manner because it puts the winning numbers close to the AREA of greatest winnings. Then it's up to players to make the coincidences happen by playing more.

You do that by driving past Peter Jackson's house as often as you can... by filling up at the pump as often as you can... and making those lucky flukes become more commonplace.

In fact, the more you work to make the lucky breaks, the more wins you will get. It's simple and easy.

Play often, and you'll win often.

It's as simple as that. My system positions you in the best place, then it is up to you... play more, with more tickets... do everything you can to make those coincidences happen.