Donald Trump's Financial Power Lesson For Every Lottery Player

Ruthless and determined...Trump never gives up!

I heard a story about Donald Trump a while back. You know The Donald... the New York property billionaire - with the hair, and who now is the president.

Turns out he was sailing close to the financial wind a few years back and losing a lot of money.

He was almost on the verge of bankruptcy. But he had a plan.

So when he was called by a consortium of banks that he owed money to, he outlined his strategy at a special meeting.

It was a bold solution, but it was appealing to them because he owed more money than the banks could afford to lose.

They agreed - on one condition... that he cut back his personal spending of around $450,000 a month.

He refused. He said that it would reduce his motivation and give out the wrong signals to his staff and customers.

Can you imagine this scenario? A group of high powered bankers grouped round a giant walnut veneered boardroom table, peering down at The Donald surrounded by his advisors, as he blithely tells them what he's going to do with their money.

The tension, the questions, the headmasterly frowning over pince-nez glasses. Well, they gulped, but they agreed.

And a year or two later Trump had moved into the black and repaid most of the loans.

There's a lesson here. Times are tough right now. But the only investment that will give you a chance to accelerate and make a great deal of money rapidly is your lottery game.

You NEED to make your own plans, and continue playing regardless. You NEED to make playing your game a priority, regardless of what others want you to do.

Like Trump, you don't want to give up that part of your life. Your lottery investment spending has the potential to completely change your world in an instant... in a way no other financial instrument can.

That's why millions of people round the world play each week. Few of them win - but they don't have the advantage of a great system behind them... the Silver Lotto System.

If you have a problem finding the spare cash, take an inventory of things you can do without.

Do you smoke? Give it up.

I gave up as a teen many years ago and saved $20 a week immediately. I don't know what the price of smokes is today, but it must be a lot more.

Don't neglect your health or your family, but slash any luxury to keep your lotto game bubbling along.