So I Bought A Watch To Match My Car - Here's Why...

A photo of the Bentley Breitling on my wrist.

I once bought a new watch to match my car. It's a bit of an extreme thing to do, I know, but men are all collectors at heart and I'm no different. Cheaper than buying a car to match my watch!

I did it for another reason however, and I'll tell you why in a minute...

My watch is a rare Breitling For Bentley GT, a model made specifically for my car. That's a picture of it above on my wrist, set against the steering wheel.

My car match at the time was a Bentley Continental GT. It also has a Breitling clock run by GPS and mounted in the center dashboard, as part of the collaboration between the brands since 2003.

So these two brands have been working together for a while, and the wristwatch is also part of that.

The Bentley Breitling clock

Enough boring facts. Now to the reason...

It just made sense to buy a watch built specifically for this car so I had a constant reminder of my good fortune on my wrist wherever I went.

You should have a constant reminder of your lottery winning dreams showing. Being able to remind yourself of your goal at every opportunity is a very powerful stimulator of ambition. Some call it a law of attraction.

I'm doing it round the other way... reminding myself of my good fortune in the lottery winning business every time I look at this luxurious timepiece.

If you haven't won yet, buy something to remind you of why you're playing the lottery. A watch is the best item because it's portable, looks good if you buy well (no fakes!), and it's less invasive than any other portable reminder, like a tattoo.

You can also spend a little more and buy a watch to remind you that your goal is already in sight. And so every time you look at your watch... dozens of times a day according to surveys... you'll remember what you should be doing to accelerate your winning chances.


And if you've forgotten, I'll remind you:

#1. Choose a game and stick to it. When you change randomly from game to game, not only is your concentration lost but it makes the System less effective. Choose a single game - the best game for you - and play only that one.

#2. Make sure you use all the resources available to win your game. My LottoPredict is what you should buy after your Silver Lotto System. Then follow it up with the PRO Custom Profiles. They each improve your chances many times to achieve the 98% win rate I get.

#3. Keep playing! This is part of my RFA policy...Relentless Focused Action - that will see you through when the prizes don't seem to be falling into place. Remember, despite the 98% advantage that my Silver Lotto System gives you the lottery is still a game of 2% chance. You need to keep playing consistently to get the final results.

And keep reminding yourself with my wish-and-win suggestions here to get whatever you want.

FOOTNOTE: There is a downside for me however, and it's the watch... it's so heavy I feel like I'm doing resistance training every time I wear it! Ouch!

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