How To Kickstart Your Lucky Lotto Winning Cycle With This Simple Tip


If you have ever tried to give up smoking, caffeine or chocolate (like me), I bet I know when you've tried to do that.

Because most smokers, chocaholics or coffee addicts always try to make a new beginning at some major cutoff point. It is usually the next Monday, being the start of the week.

Or when the packet or can is empty. Or when they discovered they were pregnant.

It somehow seems fitting that a new beginning should start on a new week, an empty container or an important event.

For example, I gave up smoking 37 years ago, and I can tell you the exact date as well. How?

Because my daughter was born that day, and at the time it seemed that the worst thing I could do with a new life was to cover her with deadly second-hand smoke fumes.

So, ever since the day my wife brought her home from the hospital, not another death-stick has passed my lips.

And my health improved as well - a double benefit!

If you wait until a certain date to play the lottery because it's the beginning of a month, or someone's birthday, you are wasting valuable time. All the times you could have played might have brought you the jackpot success you wanted.

We don't know what happens next in this life. That's why astrology and horoscopes are so popular... most of us want to know what our future is before it happens.

The same is true with the lottery. So instead of sitting down and saying to yourself that this year will be better, do this: Start now, play more, and follow my expert direction. Use the predictive advantage of LottoPredict to guide you.

I can guarantee your chances will be vastly improved.

If you examine the habits of regular lottery winners, you will often notice one factor in their success. They play consistently, and never let an opportunity pass them by. They don't wait for the best time:

Joan Ginther has won four Texas Lottery major jackpots for a combined $21 million. The former college maths professor has been winning since 1993.

Seguro Ndabene has won 4 times in the Canadian Western 49 game and Lotto Super 7 since 2004, for a total of almost $20 million.

And Robert Hong won Canada's 649 Lotto twice in one year - both the jackpot and a second prize for a total of $15,340,000.

It all points to starting now and never giving up... Relentless Focused Action.

Begin NOW to change your play dates and rely less on chance.