The Weird Secret That Col Sanders Used Will Help You Win The Lottery

Today KFC is everywhere.

The founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken holds the secret of your lotto win.

And you don't have to go down to a store in the KFC chain to find out how his recipe for success works. I'll make it short and sweet...

When the Colonel went on the road to try and sell his secret recipe in the early 1950's, he drove across America from town to town... called on restaurant owners, slept in his car. How many times do you think he was turned down?

For two years the 65 year-old recipe owner continued being remarkably persistent in his goal. But how long did he continue his quest?

How long would YOU continue before you gave up? 10... 20 times? Even 50 times?

Certainly after 100 times most sane folk would have admitted defeat and gone back home.

It will surprise you...

This ol' timer of pension and retirement age was turned down over 1,000 times before he made his first sale!

I still rub my eyes with disbelief when I hear this story. Crazy man! 1,000 turndowns. What kept him going?

It was the thought of a successful sale.

OK, doesn't that sound familiar? Aren't you in exactly that same position, trying week after week to get a win? 

So how do you keep going after multi-defeats, as Walt Disney did when he was establishing finance for Disney World..."The Happiest Place On Earth"... and got knocked back a shocking 300 times?

Like these titans of business, you keep going as long as you have belief:

- Belief in your ability to continue playing long after others give up in disgust.

- Belief in a goal....a massive prize that will eventually change your life from drudgery to complete freedom.

- Belief in a system that gives you a secret advantage... the Silver Lotto System.

Colonel Sanders had these simple beliefs which catapulted him to international success, and which you can apply to winning the lottery too:

1. Never quit
2. Always believe in yourself
3. Be patient
4. Be positive

I've written constantly about these essential skills because... more than anything else... they are the reason for many winners getting better success with my systems:

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