I Cut Up My Shiny Visa Credit Card And Waited For The Crunch

A few days ago I cut up my old Visa card.

It was topped up, ready to spend. It had the full amount of credit available for me to lavish on anything I wanted (providing it cost less than $36,000 :)

Before you call me crazy, let me tell you why I did this.

Because Visa sent me a new Platinum Card with a new date. Happens every couple of years, but cutting up the old one is always a little worrying in case I'm left up in the air with nothing.

Amazing how reliant we are on electronic payments.

I've had the Platinum card for several years now. It's a fairly ordinary-looking card, nothing fancy to look at. Gives me the same kind of advantages... free travel insurance, 55 days pay-up period, that kind of thing.

But there's a couple of drawbacks.

I don't feel special any longer with this card. With the old gold card I had years ago, people automatically knew that gold was a color that marks you as a special kinda person. However, sometimes all it means is that it came with your hefty mortgage - that takes the shine off a little.

And even that means little nowadays with most cards being chipped in the same way.

And there's another drawback.

It's slow. It takes forever to read.

In the supermarket I put the card into the reader, push it tight, and stand for up to 5 seconds while the special chip inside wakes up and starts brushing its teeth.

So despite liking Platinum - and remember, with a name like Silver I'm rather partial to precious metals - this card is no real advantage at the food store.

But I still use it. Why? 

Because it gives me more than my Gold Visa - like a concierge service anywhere in the world, more travel insurance, and low interest rates.

In fact, you might say it's like the difference between my Silver Lotto System, and PRO.

PRO takes longer to set up (though you only do it once)... just like waiting for the card reader to recognize my Platinum.

And there's a bit more to understand with the PRO... just like putting the Visa in the different slot. Well, really only 10 minutes more to figure it out, no big deal.

But there is a HUGE difference in results.

PRO shot my own winning figure to 98% win rate.

In fact, I have NEVER walked away from a game using PRO without some prize money bulging out of my wallet. The truth is that PRO is a marvelous prize winner for me and many others.

So if you can take the step up to PRO - like Gold to Platinum - the extra effort is well worth it:

For me, the next step up from Visa Platinum is to the Amex Black Card.

Then I'll take pleasure in cutting up my old Platinum.

But here's where the similarity ends... you don't need to trash the Silver Lotto System. You'll need it for the PRO System.

See the PRO website for more details.

And you'll be pleased to know new card worked perfectly... the crunch never came!