I Wonder If Kim Kardashian Uses The Same Polish As Me?

She spots the finger marks! Kim about to go off and polish her Bentley convertible.

This morning I did a big springclean on my car cleaning stuff. If you didn't know already from these articles, I'm a big car nut - like Kim Kardashian :)

Today, in the bright sunshine, I looked at my cupboard on the garage and the lines of bottles and tins and squeeze tubes...

And thought - what do I actually use that works?

As I went through all the liquids, solids and pastes there, it came down to a mere handful... about half a dozen bottles. I used only these 6 in my weekly cleaning and polishing - the rest were for show or vanity!

By the way, did you know you can pay over $37,000 - yes, not a misprint - for a small tin of wax?

That's it in the photo.

And some high-end luxury car groomers use $500 polishes, just for show, to impress their clients. You can get exactly the same result with something bought from KMart.

So why was I turning my garage shelves into a polish display shop? Well, I had been seduced by photos of some spectactular garage detailers.

They possessed vast rows upon rows of brand name products from all corners of the car cleaning world, labelled and full. Amazing displays.

And I wanted this level of expertise, and as I'm a mild Obsessive Compulsive according to my wife... I probably bought them all. And used just 6 of them over a year or two, all told.

So today the rest went to good homes, and with an empty space to use, I was at peace with the world.

As I sat down to observe my newly-found cleaning spaces, it suddenly struck me that most lottery players face the same problem.

Ken, I've bought a lot of systems and now I'm confused, should I stick with yours or are there others I can get to help me? Puzzled. P.S. I've won a lot with yours, but the others show such great promise I can't resist them!

It's the collector's syndrome. You always think that something better will solve your problem. So you buy it. 

And you end up with a big collection of wasted time and effort- and in most cases - money.

If there's one point I could make, it's this...


1. Only use what you need.
2. Only use what works.
3. Throw away everything else.

Start with the Silver Lotto System... you'll always need that to begin with.

Then add LottoPredict.

Then the PRO Custom Profiles.

Make a clean break... throw out your clutter and simplify your lottery life. Use the system that works!

Get shining - you've got Kim Kardashian and me to beat!