How To Hit The Right Note In The Lottery: The Secret Trait You Need For Jackpot Success!

My Australian-built Maton guitar, sitting ready to play in my office.

Want to know why me and many Silverites win prizes in so many lotto games?

It's easy, but it does require a personality trait anyone can develop. Let me tell you a story about it...

Back in 2006 I took up playing the guitar again. This was after a 20 year break. One of my guitars is pictured above, an Australian-built Maton with a lovely tone.

Let me tell you, the first few days were horrible. My fingers ached, my hands ached, My neck ached from looking at the fretboard. Even my ribs ached where the top of the guitar rested against me. I was like a beginner starting over.

And the tune selection... that was truly the worst part. So much lost.

In the good old days I had a repertoire of about 30 instrumental songs... some classical, mostly modern. But I struggled to remember even half a dozen.

Yes, it was hard work physically and mentally for much of the next couple of weeks.

Then, slowly - surprisingly, it all started to come together. While I didn't remember any more songs, I improved the ones I knew.

After a while I started learning some new tunes, courtesy of an Australian guitar virtuoso named Tommy Emmanuel.

Day after day I practiced - sometimes for up to two hours a time. And gradually, week after week, I started to see improvements everywhere. My aches gradually disappeared too.

I had another 4 fairly complex songs under my belt, and if I say so myself they're pretty good. Maybe when I have ironed out all the mistakes, I'll do a performance on

When I'm talking about why me and many others win so many prizes in lotto, you've probably guessed how... we're very, very persistent. 

Because persistence always wins through. Even while my fingers hurt and my brain spun with the new musical input I forced into my brain, I still continued against all the odds.

Of all the traits that I consider essential in this life, persistence has got to be tops. I play lotto like my guitar... often - and without a break.

Too many lottery players strive for a few weeks, and then give up forever. Only losers take that course.

You must keep going until - like me, many other winning lottery players, and Roger here - you have a stream of successful wins from your efforts:

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It won’t happen overnight, and sometimes there's an effort required - but it WILL happen!

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