How To Effortlessly Pass Through Crowds Like A Ninja (Oh, And Win The Lottery Too)

I've already told you how to become invisible and disappear. Now I have another secret up my sleeve, and this one is truly amazing.

If this sounds like a ninja trick, it could be exactly that. I've experienced a unique way to pass through crowds coming the other way... so effortlessly... it feels like ancient magic.

Ever tried to go against the crowd? Masses of people coming at you, and you don't know how to proceed... ducking and diving, "excuse me, excuse me"...

It needn't be that way ever again. Do this when you start your walk against the crowd:

  • Stare into the far distance, making your gaze slightly higher than the heads of the people coming towards you. 
  • Do not change your eye line. 
  • Start walking forward at a medium pace, keeping your gaze focused into the distance. 
  • Walk straight ahead. Do not falter or pause or change direction.

Like magic - and yes, it works 99% of the time - the crowd will part to let you through! You will blend through like a knife through butter.

If I hadn't done this many times myself, I wouldn't have believed it - but it works. I'm not talking about a huge mass of people coming at you like a riot or a crowd exiting from a football game.

Just a medium lot of people on a crossing or the pavement, walking towards you singly or in groups.

Imagine if you could convert this focus to winning the lottery. Ploughing past the massive numbers of losing numbers on your way to the jackpot.

Well you can, and this is how your singleminded focus can get you winning effortlessly:

#1. Choose your game and stick to it. When you change path from game to game, your concentration is lost. That makes you less effective. Choose the best game for you, and play it constantly.

I always recommend the game with the least number of both balls and numbers. That increases your odds of winning hugely.

But I understand that some people are tempted by vast jackpots, and that's OK too. Just know your odds, and focus on the best for you.

#2. Make sure you use all the resources available to win. Use LottoPredict whenever you can - it will not only give you the best time to play each week, but costs just cents a day.

It's another way to focus and improve your results.

#3. Keep playing relentlessly! This is part of my RFA secret...Relentless Focused Action... that will keep you going ahead when at times the prizes don't seem to be coming your way (happens to us all!)

Remember, the lottery is still a game of chance, and you need to keep playing to improve that small percentage of luck.

Like walking straight ahead without faltering, this technique is a winner that takes you past all the uncertainty of losing numbers.