Did You Have Breakfast Tonight? Lottery Winning Rituals Explained...


Wake up - it's dinnertime!

You had breakfast at dinnertime? Sure you didn't. Breakfast in the evening is just not that appetizing.

Meals are necessary - but only if they're taken at the right time.

I'm talking about rituals. Things you do at the time that works best for you. Rituals make life easier... even when playing lotto.

These following small rituals build on your play tactics. They work simply because you'll feel as if you're missing out when you don't do them.

And that's good - it gives you an automatic incentive to keep going. PlayPersistence is one of the strongest positive traits you need for winning the lottery.

Try these 5 tips and see how they make a difference to your playing persistence:

  1. Go down to your local lotto shop at the same time each week.
  2. Go with the same friend each time.
  3. Park in the same spot if you can.
  4. See the same assistant to have your tickets processed.
  5. Have a coffee afterward in the same shop.

Once you've done these steps a number of times, you'll find it will be easy to continue playing regularly. Regular play is one of the most powerful ways to improve your odds. Use rituals to enforce it.

And rituals - like having your meals at the same time - make playing regularly easy. Try it!