Wake Up! The World Is Passing You By And You'll Never Win The Lottery - Unless...

Thuy Nguyen, owner of Jenny's Gift Shop where one of two winning Mega Millions lottery tickets was sold. PHOTO: Mercury News

Got an email a while back from a pleasant-sounding guy. That's not unusual... many do that each day. But what he said in his email made me blink twice...

"Ken," he started off, "I've been reading your lottery newsletters for about a year and I'm about to buy your system..."

I almost dropped my coffee.

For a YEAR? He waited a year to buy?

So why couldn't I convince him to buy earlier - for his own good? By now he could have been swimming off the beach on his own private island.

Or luxuriating in the sun on a gently swinging hammock under the palms, while his drinks were being carried across the hot sand by a smiling waiter.

Why delay a year?

- Surely it couldn't be money that stopped him... my system all up is the barely cost of a week's worth of coffee.
- And it's not the lack of winners to prove the system works... there's a heap of them here all over my website.
- It's not the ROI (money people will know that means Return On Investment). The ROI - if you win even a year or two later - is phenomenal. No other way to acquire vast sums of money even comes close.

I wanted to write back and remind him about when I posted a list of players who missed out on a fortune because they didn't spring into action, or pretended to play (on paper) while they were figuring out when to start.

I wanted to tell him the rich, the successful, the winners in any walk of life... start right NOW.

No waiting, no thinking. They leap in and get started. 

You know the smoker who's about to give up? When do they do it?

Right now? At the end of their next pack?

No, most smokers give up on a Monday. No matter if that day is a week away. Monday is the start of a new week and a fresh life for them.

But that's illogical of course. They could step out in front of a bus tomorrow, and never get the chance to boast to their friends about giving up.

So it is with starting to acquire your enormous fortune through lotto. You need to start now.

Not Monday. Not in a year's time.

But today - while you have time to get set up for the next game. And it could be the game which could seal a change to your stinking present life with its bills, broken car and deadbeat landlord.

A year! I'm embarrassed to admit that all my persuasion had done nothing for this guy.

In that time thousands have won regularly in this time, changing their lives forever:

--- Just thought I'd update you since my last communication - Ken I have continued to win at EACH and EVERY draw I entered since purchasing your system. Again I won $500.00 this last Saturday, it's like having a part time job or something!!! To reiterate, I have won EACH and EVERY draw I entered. Yours truly, Diane (name and address supplied) ---

Good news though: He started with my Silver Lotto System just a few days later, and finally got under way for the weekend.

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