What Does Famous Author JK Rowling Reveal About Being Gobsmackingly Wealthy?

JK Rowling visits the cafe where she wrote her first Harry Potter book - DailyMail

A while back I watched a documentary about the author of the Harry Potter book and film series, JK Rowling.

The British documentary was fascinating for many reasons. This was the first time she has opened up to the camera and exposed her lavish lifestyle.

The hour-long film followed her for a year, ending at the launch of her next book "Deathly Hallows."

There was even a point in the documentary where she gave a couple of dramatic taps on her computer keyboard, looked at the camera and announced the book was finished.

Re-enactment or not, it was an interesting moment... She shuffled some papers together, wiped her forehead, actually looked relieved.

What came across dramatically in this film - more than how her unhappy childhood impacted on her writing... more than how her unhappy first marriage started the first novel as a way of escape... more than her story of her period of depression...

JKR gets the red carpet treatment wherever she goes now. 

What came across vividly was her delight with the vast wealth she possessed.

She said - several times - how much happier she was today than at any other time.

And it wasn't hard to discover what caused her intense joy as she sat in the luxurious leather seat in her private jet on her way across the Atlantic.


Loads of it. Maybe half a billion pounds according to some reports. She's richer than the Queen of England. It was certainly proved true that money brought her happiness.

One of the benefits of wealth for JK Rowling - looking good!

We may not have her talent, skills or resources to produce a series of novels like her. Few can. But we can use her other essential skill: tenacity.

Call it persistence, stickability - whatever it's named... that is how she got there. It was a driving force that kept her going through the years to final and overwhelming success.

Even though we don't have her talent, we can duplicate her success with our lottery game. And using the same luck she had, we can grab a slice of the money-cake too.

Maher did it with his Silver Lotto System win of $3.2 Milllion, Jason with $22.2 Million. Other Silverites have done it with smaller amounts of a million, many with $100,000 or so.

If you get the chance to go for gold - then like JKR, you must be persistent.

But here's the difference...

Writing a novel or any book takes enormous skill and time.

Winning the lottery takes just a few dollars, and the easy persistance to keep going until the big payoff.

Winning a lifetime full of money has nowhere near the effort you need to succeed in anything else. That's why it is so appealing.

So you can live large like this famous and monied author - but without all the hassle that fame brings with it.

Just make a start. I'll help you.