LOO FAIL: My Wife Dropped Her iPhone In The Toilet! And What Happened Next...

The iPhone and her bathroom. Did it survive the long drop?

If you are a bit squeamish, look away now and read another article. Because I'm going to tell you what I did when my wife dropped her iPhone in the toilet.

First, some light relief for you - the bowl was full of fresh clean water. She hadn't yet, ahem, started.

She was placing her belongings on the bath edge beside the bowl when it happened. Phew - I bet you're pleased I told you that icky fact.

Now, most phones die when they hit the water. And it is quite common. My insurance company tells me that about half of all phone damage claims are made by people doing this.

Let me tell you what happened in our case...

I'm a 21st century kinda guy, so when she wandered in to my home office holding the phone wrapped in tissue, I immediately turned back to my screens and fired up Google.

Within seconds I had read about 10 different answers to fixing the problem.

None of them gave any hope whatsoever... "But try these ideas anyway," they suggested, "what can you lose?"

After a wash, what do we do next?

So I started by taking a bit here and a bit there from the answers that seemed practical.

Here's what I did in double quick time:

1. I took out the SIM card and dried it off.

2. I immediately covered the phone with a soft towel and started swinging it round and round with the charging slot pointing out. This centrifugal movement forced some water out the gap quickly.

3. I changed the towel often as it absorbed the water and kept on swinging and flicking the phone down towards the slot for a couple minutes, and then the SIM card slot for the same time. I did this for about 15 minutes. Yes, I was persistant!

4. As I continued to flick and swing, I headed up to my wife's bathroom to turn on her hairdrier. After the flicking I directed it at a low heat setting into the two slots alternately. I kept my finger near the slots so I could tell if the iPhone was getting too warm.

5. I kept this up for 30 minutes! I was hoping for a payoff with the time investment I had put in... a bit like playing lotto.

I put the SIM card back in.

At first the screen wouldn't turn on. Then it appeared, but the screen showed very dimly. I turned it off and continued my efforts.

Ten minutes later, the picture flickered - and appeared bright as new! So I asked my wife to send a text, and to my surprise, it worked perfectly.

And now - 8 months later - the phone continues to work as well as the day she got it. I think - touch wood - it's fixed for good.

I hope so, because 99% of all other phones die straight after according to the reports, and I didn't have much hope back then.

Now, I attribute the success of my efforts to the same traits I see in a lot of successful people.

#1. They get good information for their problems.
#2. They act on the advice quickly.
#3. They persist until the problem is solved.

It's the same for playing the lottery.

#1. Use the best system you can find - the Silver Lotto System.
#2. Start playing without delay.
#3. Stay focused on getting the Big One and keep playing until the payoff!

Now you've got the solution for bringing a toilet phone back to life - do the same for your lotto game!

Remember my favorite term for success in any field... RFA ... Relentless Focused Action.

I spent an hour of RFA bringing a phone back to life from the loo, and I use the same traits to produce lottery winners every week.