WEIRD FACT: Winning The Lottery Helps You Live Longer - Proof Here!

Elephants have a lot to do with living longer.

Watched CNN on my 84" tv screen in the early hours one morning. I was having trouble sleeping, so I started flipping through the tv channels.

There's a worldwide shortage of bees right now, according to the latest news. Why, no-one knows. Maybe they've all gone south for the winter :)

But it triggered something in my memory...

A queen bee is genetically identical to the worker bees in her hive. But even though she just sits around laying eggs, she lives 10 times longer.

So I went to my library down the hall and pulled out a book I had bought at an anonymous airport somewhere in the world.

It was how to live longer through laziness.

And it confirmed other strange facts on longevity. For example, animals live up to 20 times longer in a zoo than in the wild.

Part of this is attributed to 'meals on wheels'... they don't have to spend most of their time hunting for food.

Large animals, the ones which move slower than the others... elephants, tortoises, whales, bars (bears), have a vastly longer lifespan than humming birds, mice and other quick-moving animals.

Most athletes have a short life. But gardeners live long.

It is the amount of vigorous exercise that seems to play a big part in how long we live.

According to this slim book, a long life boils down to this startling fact... we all have a certain amount of life energy allotted to us for our lifetime.

If we use up this pool of energy with excessive activity, we croak earlier.

Rock stars traditionally have fast but short lives.

You often find examples of royalty and the rich living well past their expected lifespan. It may be in their genes, maybe not. I think it is because they do very little tough manual work.

But I really like the lazy theory. It seems to add up.

And that's where lotto comes in.

The obvious answer is that money can buy services to reduce your workload. And doing so preserves your energy. (And makes life safer too... I have several friends who have permanently damaged themselves by falling off roofs and trees while doing home maintenance).

Wads of cash not only shield you from the arduous work that can damage your health. But it provides something else my book also discovered... contentment.

Your mental state is important in this wonder theory. The happier you are, the longer your life.

Hollywood film stars live longer if they get an Oscar or Academy Award. And it's some 4 years longer, according to a recent study.

The amount of public respect for their talent acts well on their longevity.

And it's well recognized that the rich live longer, whether it be with better healthcare, or simply the lack of worry about where their next meal is coming from.

These factors have got to be a big incentive for us all to strive for a life of ease. You can do it several ways.

By living simply... less expectations mean less hassle and worry.

Or have your easy life on a silver plate, handed out to you through the accumulation of large sums of greenbacks:

  • You can buy grocery shopping - I have mine delivered by the local supermarket just by clicking on their online website.
  • You can buy home services like cleaning, painting, ground work, gardening.
  • When you buy further up the automobile scale, your local dealer will have your car collected and delivered for servicing.
  • You can have a live-in housekeeper and cook to make your meals.

Today is the day you must decide to live simply, or live richly. Because shortly it's a midweek lottery draw day for many countries. And you only have a few hours to get my systems, and start your long life.

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