EXPOSED: Do Lucky Lotto Numbers Really Work? Most Players Miss This Essential Step

F1 owner Bernie Ecclestone turned his mugging into luck! - Hello Magazine

Everyone has their favorite story about knowing someone who won lotto with a lucky number or a quickpick.

And you know what?

They're right. People sometimes DO win the lottery using a random lucky number selection.

There's always a percentage of these lucky number combinations around. Otherwise why would the picks from the lotto shop computer come up correctly from time to time?

But you're missing out on one of lotto's biggest secrets...

The fact is that being lucky isn't enough for us Silverites. We need to *control* our own luck. And my systems do this more than any other method I know.

Look at it this way...

Many years ago, when I had a JOB (and never again I hope!) - guess how I got it?

Did I study the situations vacant pages of the newspaper, and apply for job after job for months at a time? Then line up for multiple interviews, drugs testing and lie detector tests?


I decided where I was best suited, and looked for a company to match my skills. Then I targeted the future employer I had picked, and requested 30 minutes of their time. And clinched the job.

No queues, no competition, no worry.

Suitable for the job?

There was luck involved, for certain. If my future employer hadn't needed me at that time, I would have been trudging the streets looking for the next one.

But luck was on my side. And a lot of preparation putting the ducks all in a row. In effect, I created my own good luck.

And now, by using a top system like mine with a winning history, you accelerate those lucky conditions. You are putting yourself in control.

I try and control everything I do:

  • I'm never a passenger, always a driver (OK, jets are the exception).
  • I never take part in other people's investments, only myself.
  • I try and get several opinions before I make a decision.
  • I always shop outside hours so I never have to wait in line.
  • I always travel off-peak so I get less hassle.
  • I always check my own bank statements and accountant's reports.

On a practical level I always wash my own cars, cook all our meals. And I've never had a scratched car or food poisoning yet!

But if you think I'm doing too much myself, I also delegate and automate a lot of my life. That's what machines are for.

Sure lucky numbers work occasionally, but there's no substitute for controlling your own luck. Use my systems here to make your own luck - and control it!

As for Formula One owner Bernie Ecclestone in the photo above, he got mugged and had his $310,000 Hublot watch stolen. But even before the stitches had been removed, Bernie rang Hublot and proposed an ad - a business deal - with the headline: "See what people will do for a Hublot." 

He profited. That's called making your own luck!

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