"Hi, I'm A Mac, And I'm A PC." Remember Those Ads?

Remember these effective tv ads from 2006?

After using an Apple Mac for over a couple decades, I left that world in 2005, and turned to Windows.

Cue dark, plodding music.

Then 5 years later I had the need for a Mac computer again ... mainly for the amazing screen quality. So I bought me one. But what I got was far more - without me realizing it. I'll tell you about that in a minute.

If you're mildly interested, I ended up (in 2014) getting two 27" Apple screens with a 27" iMac. It's powerful with a lot of big tech stuff inside. I feel like Captain Kirk on the Star Trek bridge.

This amazing model is a cake, not the Star Trek bridge. - CakeCentral

The screen quality for video on my 5k Mac screen is breathtaking. But I still do a small amount of business on Windows. So I need a foot in both camps.

And I've doubled my effectiveness using the PC and Mac - because each system I've used in a different way. Let's continue the analogy...

We have an electric can opener. You just pop the can in alongside it and press a button.


A minute later the buzzing stops and you take the lid off. Easy.

Until the can won't go for some reason. Then it's back to the manual opener, with all the grunting and grappling that involves.

So they all work fine for the job... electric or manual, Mac or PC. Some of them do better than others though.

In the same way, think of the Silver Lotto System as a basic system. It does the job extremely well.

But one day you wake up in the morning, and want more out of your System. I hear you. You're not alone. You want more wins faster. I understand that.

That's when you need PRO. 

The big PRO version gets you there quicker and more effectively. Even the success rates are higher...

  • Around 80% for the basic Silver Lotto System.
  • Up to 99% for the PRO (my track record).

Now the good thing here is that to use the PRO System you first need the Silver Lotto System.

So whatever you do, you're safe buying the basic Silver Lotto System - because it's the first part in the PRO setup. Your purchase is never wasted. 

And when you can afford to ramp up your wins, then add PRO to it.

It works in just in the same way as I've increased my effectiveness by using the best of both computer worlds with Mac and PC. Oh, and can-openers too. 

Makes sense to you?

It really works: