STRATEGY: 64 Year-Old Powerball $95.3 Million Winner Uses 3 Essential Silver Lotto Principles

Winner Sheila Verke receiving her prize from a lottery mascot - USNewstrend

The winner of the $95.3 million Arizona Powerball used THREE essential Silver Lotto System principles to win her giant prize.

It was the third largest Powerball payout for Arizona. And Sheila Verke, a substitute teacher from Fort Mohave, did these three things right - both before and after her win...

#1. BEFORE: She chose her numbers (5, 10, 11, 12, 20 and Powerball number 2), and kept playing these same numbers for over 6 years until her win. Using the same numbers for every game is an essential part of our System.

#2. DURING: Sometimes keeping going was tough. "Even if I had to gather quarters, nickels and dimes, I bought them," she told reporters. But consistency is one of the base principles of the Silver Lotto System, and Sheila proved it by showing that nothing would stop her.

#3. AFTER: She brought her financial advisor along to the press conference to collect the lump-sum payout of just under $50 million. She realized that it's important to use a professional right from the start for this once-in-a-lifetime event. Too easy to get the sums wrong and end up with nothing.

The Silver Lotto System works exactly the same way as Sheila's method... by using the same numbers for every game and playing them continually. This means winning odds are hugely improved.

But Sheila might have won years earlier if she had used the Silver Lotto System first!