STORY: The Green Traffic Light Urban Myth: Did We Bust It Or Not!

When you hear an implausible story these days, you're likely to call it an urban myth.

Like children being kidnapped at Disneyland. Or giant albino alligators in New York City's underground sewers. Or kidney thieves. Just doesn't happen.

Back in my teenage years, I heard of another kind of myth from a friend which seemed worth exploring.

He revealed a strange secret in my hometown of Auckland, our biggest city, on the main shopping road known as Queen Street...

This road runs straight as an arrow right down to the harbor. It's about a mile long, I guess. And back in my teenage days it contained about 12 traffic lights.

Now, urban legend had it that if you started at the top of Queen Street at the stroke of midnight, and traveled exactly 30 mph (48km/hr), every light would turn green as you approached it until you reached the end.

This was back in the days when lights were controlled by a simple magnetic strip buried in the road - nothing like the super sophisticated computer-controlled lights today. 

You guessed it. We were young - still at college. One of our group had a car. We had to try it.

I'll tell you what happened in a minute. But before that - imagine if you were able to get a series of always-green lights for your lotto game.

A system that made your tickets see every game as a green light, and let you through to a winning streak?

Well you can, because that's what my LottoPredict is... a predictive play system which uses the green light principle. 

It's easy to use. As a member you just check out the box alongside your game of the over 115 world games there:

  • If it shows a red light = Don't play.
  • But for a green light = Go go go!

And now I've made it better. For some years LottoPredict used a simple go/no-go instruction like the basic green and red.

If the outcome was an in-between orange, you didn't have much choice until I worked it into the Silver Lotto PRO.

The clever PRO program actually works WITH red lights. So now if you have a red light, use the PRO System to turn it into a green!

Don't ask me to tell you how, it's too complicated to explain here. But work it does:

PRO takes your Silver Lotto System and tells you how to play that game so it appears you have all green lights.

And it ramps up your possible winning odds to over 98%. That means for every 100 games you play using it - if you're like me, you're likely to win a prize in over 98 of them.

And actually this morning I won 7 tickets on our Wednesday game using the PRO System. So it's truly impressive. Most of our current winners are getting fantastic results from the PRO System.

OK, back to our green light trip down Auckland's 1.8km (1.1 mile) Queen Street.

Queen Street today.

The four of us duly started right on midnight. The road was deserted, bare of traffic. Revving gently, the Ford V8 rolled down the street and we picked up speed, heading for the first traffic light. I watched the speedometer as Dave drove.

"That's it," I shouted, "We're doing 30, hold it there."

Click... the first light turned green as we approached, and we whooped out the window at the quiet street in jubilation. (Remember, we were teenagers back then. I rarely whoop out of the window now).

The next light was already green.

But would it hold? We held our breath.

Yep, no problem. We passed through while the green winked steadily at us.

And so we went on down the gently sloping street, our expectation rising with every light.

And as the myth predicted, every light eventually turned green for us over the whole 2 minute trip. The green light myth was true for us!

Whether that experience had any part to play in building my hugely successful green light PRO today, I have no idea.

But like our green light night, PRO is one experience you should buy and profit from right now.