REVEALED: What My Rock-Climbing Instructor Said, And Why It Matters To Lottery Players.

My daughter steadies a climber on the indoor rock face.

The indoor rock climbing instructor was one of those rope-star daredevils.

Long hair, lean athletic body... he looked as if he should be on a vast rock face somewhere - instead of a small 3 storey room sandwiched between an auto parts business and a courier firm.

As I was preparing to haul one of my relatives up the face, the insstructor said curiously to me, "You've got big hands."

I looked at him blankly. No-one had ever made a comment to me like that.

"Do you do any manual work?" he said. "Normally people who have developed large hands get them through hard manual labor."

Well, no, I replied, putting aside any fantasy thoughts about breaking rocks in prison. And not if you count playing the guitar daily for 40 years as hard labor.

Or tapping on a keyboard. Or cleaning my cars a few times a week.

His comments reminded me that we all look for different things depending on our interest. I like numbers and can see patterns in them very quickly.

Not a picture of me looking professorial.

I can estimate weekly amounts from an annual total instantly, to the dollar. I remember figures - especially costs and amounts - with great recall from way back.

I'm no accountant, those kinds of calculations bore me. But like an accountant I prefer not to take risks either. That's why I want certainty in my lottery playing, and here's how I got it...

What you see depends on your interest. So it only took me a matter of weeks to figure out my LottoPredict prediction system. Looking back, it was so simple I don't know how I could have missed it.

And still, after 10 years of usage, nobody else has been able to replicate it.

Nor can they - I keep the basic patterns locked in my brain so they are safe, like the Coco Cola recipes.

The results are astounding. I've gone from an 80% success rate in the early days to a 98% win rate today by reducing the playing risks.

And all because I spied something that no-one else did. Without using my hands.

You need LottoPredict to make every game useful and save money

And it only costs a fraction of my rock-climbing entrance fee!

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