How To Beat Even The Worst Lottery Winning Odds For Your Next Game

Robert and Tonya Harris look at cardboard money representing their Georgia MegaMillions $275 million win - toledoBlade

The media are fond of putting out extraordinarily hopeless odds in any major game. They do it because it's attention-seeking and good for readership. But they have it completely wrong.

Take a look at this. On the face on it, the chances for the next MegaMillions draw is massive - 1 in 175,711,536.

It seems really that unlikely.

But hold on...

Down the scale, the chance of getting a $2 prize is 1 in 40. Surely that means if you buy 40 tickets you'll win $2?

Maybe. But what the numbers also say is that you also have a 1 in 40 chance of winning the jackpot too! As well as the 2 bucks.

The dumb numbers can't tell the difference - they're just looking for any prize when they roll out of the barrel.

So you could get either amount.

To beat the system, you have to put two actions into place by your next game:

First: Use the Silver Lotto System to bring even those 1 in 40 chances down to possibly 1 in 2. That's what I get. In the last Saturday draw I received 5 winning tickets and 3 free tickets... 8 wins for a game meant to have a 1 in 3,838,380 chance of a win!

Second: target the right time to play with LottoPredict. If you play more than once a week - like the 44% of readers in our poll - you probably noticed that one game was a closer match to your Silver Lotto numbers than the other.

So you've got a perfect match, but you won't know when that match pops up. I do. LottoPredict finds the pattern and tells you what game has the best match.

You simply can't be a serious player without this tiny $6.60/month tool.

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