I'm Now Predicting 112 Winning Lottery Games! Will You Be Among The Winners This Week

The New York Mega Millions is one of the 115 games predicted in LottoPredict. Suffolk County's Richard and Mary Morrison won $165 million in 2010.

Today I've added more games to allow you to play the lottery better than ever before! So if you're a LottoPredict subscriber, you now have the choice of 115 world games available in the LottoPredict site.

That's actually counting all the US States where Mega Millions and Powerball are played too.

I have added games for Canada, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand... and last week I added most of Australia's games. And it includes Tuesday's Mega Millions.

Many others have been added in the last week too, to make a total of 27 new games added in all countries of the world. See the full list at the LottoPredict website.

And despite the fact my workload has rocketed, the tiny monthly membership of just $6.60 remains the same!

There's a real advantage of having access to all these games too. Because if you want to change and try another game, there's no extra cost.

How To Play

To remind you how to use LottoPredict, remember it is specifically tailored to be played with the Silver Lotto System.

You take a couple of seconds to locate your game and day, and see if it has a green, orange or red square in the box opposite.

  • If it is green, you should play that game.
  • If it is red, don't play and save your money.
  • In between (orange), it's up to you. Take a chance if you feel daring.

It's the easiest system yet to tell you when to play.

There is nothing else anywhere like LottoPredict for the lottery. And nothing else that works as well.

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