WINNING: Can You Play Pick 3, Pick 4 Or Pick 5 Games With The Silver Lotto System?

Got an email this morning from Jim:

"Ken, I want to play the Pick 5 game in Nebraska. Your system looks like it should work here on the Picks games - so does it?"

Yes, you can play Pick 5. That's because the Nebaska Pick 5 is a 5/38 game... 5 balls with 38 numbers. So you can use your Silver Lotto System, but only use the first 5 columns out of the 6 to set up.

The only reason I don't promote the Pick games or others like it is because you are paying as little as $1 a play and only getting $50,000 - $100,000 back.

Sure, I know that sounds a lot of win for most folk. But by paying slightly more and adding an extra ball into the mix, you can get prizes of millions more from around the world.

Big Win - Florida Powerball winner William Steele with $189 Million

Here at the home of the Silverites, we go BIG! That's because I believe you want something massive to completely change your life - not just pay off the mortgage and have nothing else to show for your win.

Stick with the pure lotto games with big payouts - they'll get you there!