How To Invest Wisely In The Lottery And Mash Your Losses Into The Ground!

I'm calling the the lottery an investment?

Yes, the lottery is the world's greatest investment because you only spend a fraction of the winning amount on tickets.

But I call the investing an 'entrance fee' - just like the guy in the photo above has paid to get into his baseball game.

Let's say you spend $1500 in a year on tickets - that's about $30 a week.

For that you get the chance to get back millions.

You'll never get that massive return anywhere. Not in property, stocks and shares - or even an inheritance.

This tiny entrance fee - the cost of your lotto tickets each week - is the only way you're ever going to get a massive life-changing win in your life, ever.

I cannot understand why some players still say they have 'lost' their money when they buy tickets without my System and don't win. 

Without paying the lottery entrance fee, there is NO GAME for them, it's obvious.

The amount you pay each game is just the price to gain entrance to this magnificent-money-making-million-dollar-monster with an unbelievable return for your money that we call lotto!

You need to be in to win. Just like investing.