Can A Robot Really Help You Win The Lottery?

Robots try to dress a lottery winner in this funny lotto ad.

Can a robot - with it's super powers and fantastic mathematical abilities - help you win the lottery?

Robots can weld and assemble a car. They can move around and avoid shapes on a flat floor. Honda's Asimo can climb stairs. Some of them can even recognize you and give a metallic greeting.

But robots can't do these things:

  • Win chess games (or even GO) 100% of the time.
  • Perform simple functions like opening a strange door, walk into a room and turn your computer on. 
  • Or dress you, like the robots in the UK National Lottery ad above.
  • Create astounding works of art.
  • Perform surgery without assistance.
  • Help you win lotto.

In fact, what you and I have read in science fiction about the future is no more reality than it was 50 years ago. Just like the personal jet pack and invisibility cloaks.

Take an example... I attended the Wired Magazine's NextFest event in Chicago a few years back, and I saw many robots on show. Sadly not one of them could do anything better than walk a few steps, crudely.

Yet millions of dollars and years of experience from vastly intelligent people have been put into these projects.

And we've got nothing better than a cute, shiny moving box that sometimes talks.

Now, I believe the current thinking is that eventually all our current technology will start to snowball, and within a few years robots will be doing astounding things.

Well, I have to ask you, what about the internet? It's a kind of robot. But with very few exceptions, people are doing the same things on the net as they were 15 years ago when I first started. In fact, I'm doing very much the same now as I was a decade ago, and succeeding where most people fail.

The pace of change has been tortise-like. Everything we're doing now is just an extension of the simple magnets, resistors and wires that I was experimenting with 50 years ago. Just a little bit more advanced.

Of course I'm generalizing... that have been many advances - but none dramatic like the 21st century flying cars and teleportation systems imagined a few decades ago.

And this brings me to lotto. With all the computing power in the world, no-one yet - except for me - has come up with a workable system that even approaches getting a winning system working.

This is no idle boast... I've yet to see any system work as effectively as the Silver Lotto System with up to 98% success rate.

And I did it all myself, on paper, without the aid of robots. What does that tell you?

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