Can Horoscopes Predict Your Lottery Win? The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Magician Derren Brown once predicted the UK National Lottery.

My mother believed in horoscopes. I don't. My mother is a rational, intelligent and thinking woman, so 20 years ago I did some extensive research into that field...

And came up with very little proof that getting your future sorted out by the stars actually works.

However, now - in a surprise twist even to me - I believe that in some cases it can be very beneficial. I think it can improve your life, make you more aware of problems coming up, and show you how to spot opportunities that you might have not seen.

Why this sudden turnaround? How can I now prove that some weird hocus-pocus pulled down from the stars will help your life - and maybe help you in winning the lottery?

The answer is that you use the predictions in a different way, and I can guarantee you come out of it positively.

So here's the good, the bad and the ugly to get the most out of this widely-believed superstition based on the movement of the planets:

The Bad: If you believe in the stars, then look out, they put you into behavioural compartments. You'll think you should act in a certain way depending on your star personality.

For example, if you're a Leo, then according to the stars you apparently possess lion-like qualities. The stars say you are more likely to fight than compromise.

But what if you don't like agression? What if your basic nature is calm and non-threatening? You'll find life hard.

You should ignore the stars in this case - they haven't got it right.

Another example... I'm a Cancer, apparently, and my sign is meant to love the water. I do - but doesn't everyone? If you had the choice of either living in a landlocked suburb - or a 360 degree view over the ocean, what view would you choose?

I'm betting it's the ocean every time. Another point: Cancerians are mean to be crablike... scuttling away at the first sign of argument. I never do. They're wrong again.

The problem with horoscopes is that if you believe enough in the predictions for long enough, your behavior will change to adapt.

You will be locked into a behavior that is not the true you. It will stop you working in harmony, ways that suit your personality.

My advice? Ignore them and live your life free of some star guru's expectations.

The Good: Here's the main reason I think you will benefit from the star's guidance. A positive horoscope will cause you to think about your opportunities in more depth, and even help you remember. For example, my horoscope today reads "By next week a vast opportunity will unfold."

This sentence made me think about a project I had been considering a while back, and had forgotten about. Maybe it's a good time to reinstate it.

So the stars have helped me here by acting as a good memory jogger.

There are other ways to do this without being dependent on the daily horoscopes. But for today, it worked for me.

The Ugly: If you think that a horoscope which provides lucky numbers will help your lottery chances, you're dreaming.

For a start, there is no such thing as a lucky number. But think on this... maybe if you believe a number will bring you luck, and so you use it, you will actually reinforce your 'luck.' 

For example, if you see your lucky number in your lotto ticket and decide to play this week, that's good.

If it gets you out and playing when you didn't intend to, that's even better. Because as you know I believe that winning is 99% just turning up.

So ignore horoscopes where they tell you how to handle your life, and instead use them as activators... getting you to remember and do things you normally wouldn't.

Here's another part of my horoscope again today: "Avoid using the computer as an outlet for fierce feelings."

Mmm, even my mother would agree... that's probably a good rule to follow!