My Crazy Life Adventures List - Am I The New Indiana Jones?

Your adventures can be whatever you desire - with a lottery winning.

I was standing by the lakeside, camera to my eye, listening as the familiar clunk of the shutter captured a shot of the sparkling waters. It was a new camera, a Hasselblad, and I was trying it out for the first time that day, many years back.

As I focused on a fishing boat sitting idyllically off the shore, I heard the familiar sound of an aircraft engine above. And as I turned to look up, I saw it was an floatplane.

I guessed it would land on the lake somewhere, but I didn't realize it would be right in front of me.

I kept on clicking as the engine died and the aircraft washed up gently to scrape on the sand. The pilot stepped out and jumped off the bow, landing on the dry beach without getting his shoes wet.

It was a single engined craft with two side by side seats. I asked the pilot - a pleasant guy in his late 50's - if I could take some shots of the cockpit.

He obligingly lifted up the perspex cover and I snapped away. We chatted, and I told him of my interest in aircraft, and then he said, "Do you want to take a quick flight?"

Did I! The last amphibian I flew in was at the age of 10, so I knew this would be another exciting experience.

And it was, from the thumping of the waves at takeoff, to the view of the majestic lake as we circled above it at 1,000 feet.

I promised to send him some shots of his plane and as I watched, he started up again and took off - no doubt back to his home lake.

Like many people, I've had my share of life experiences like this one. Sure, some of them are nothing new for many adventurers - but I'm no Indiana Jones. Just an ordinary guy enjoying life.

But I thought I'd list a few of my own adventures to give you ideas for your own lotto freedom time. I've already written about some of these, and I'll continue doing that in future articles. Some of them were nail-bitingly nerve wracking, I don't mind telling you.

In no particular order, I've done all these at some time in my life:

Black water rafting.
Raced a stock car.
Trained as a scuba diver, certified.
Played and sung in rock bands for 15 years (bass guitar), and backed our country's top vocalists.
Played and mastered 6 and 12-string guitar, mandolin, banjo, electric bass, mouth organ.
Owned and flew a hang glider.
Qualified as a helicopter pilot.
Became a glider pilot.
Flew as a private pilot.
Flew a Skyhawk fighter jet as well as being passenger in several flights.
Attended a funeral flypast in the last one of 13 helicopters in formation.
Met the Duke of Edinburgh and took his official photo.
Ridden in a military tank.
Visited Antarctica.
Visited the Azores.
Nearly crashed in a Harvard aircraft.
Wrote 3 best-selling books (one sold over a million copies).
Watched a firewalking ceremony in Fiji.
Flew in a hot air balloon.
Visited Stonehenge, England.
Taught a photography class for 1 year.
Climbed the Eiffel Tower, France.
Rode an elephant.
At 19 was the youngest retail manager of a photo chain store.
Rode motorcycles for 20 years.
Visited Hollywood.
Visited founder Ron Hubbard's mansion at the Scientology HQ in England (no, I haven't joined!)
Started a business straight out of college.
Published 2 community newspapers over 14 years.
Whale watched.
Flew over an active volcano at White Island in a Strikemaster military jet.
Climbed Mt Cook during a blizzard.
Visited 'edge of space,' saw earth's curvature in a Skyhawk military jet at 48,000ft.
Motorcycled one end to another across Australia's Nullabor Plains.
Flew in an open cockpit Tiger Moth.
Flew in a Sunderland flying boat.
Flew in a gyroglider.
Flew in a DC3 topdresser.
Almost crashed in a Robinson helicopter.

You'll notice quite a few items relate to my interest in flying. I've flown in many conventional aircraft than I can remember, but the ones I've listed above are a little more unusual.

Most of these adventures are stories in their own right. But that's what life is about, isn't it?

I didn't have to pay for many of my adventures as they were done over a lifetime of jobs and hobbies.

But of course winning the lottery will let you speed up your experiences considerably.

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