REVEALED: This Millionaire's Embarrassing Library Secrets ... That Helps Others Win Lotto

When you go into a millionaire's library like mine, you expect to find weighty tomes... massively thick leatherbound books on ancient Greek philosophers and collectable art.

Bookcases with gold leaf spines, neatly stacked so that you could photograph a high-powered lawyer in front of and he would look good.

But go into my library, and you'll find something quite different... a large raggle taggle collection of get-rich-quick books. The library, which now doubles as a second guest room in our 5 bed home, is frankly embarrassing.

Back in my childhood I stayed at homes which had interesting and enjoyable reading, like Jane Austen, the Famous Five and Billy Bunter.

But in mine, there is just pure greed and avarice on a grand scale. (Mind you, it's done me quite well so far)

Not my library.

Look, here's a selection of some of the titles that tell you all about me. There's nothing here that would compel a university professor, Nobel Prizewinner or Poet Laureate to sit and stay a while:

- Wealth Wizard
- Multiple Streams Of Income
- Network Your Way To Millions
- How To Be A Billionaire
- A Millionaire's Notebook

If you've heard that 'you are what you read', then I must be hugely successful. Indeed I am modestly wealthy, but there's a difference... I don't use these paperbacks to get rich - I use them as tools of my trade.

Here's what I mean...

I've long since realized that you can't get rich from reading a few books. That's why 99% of the world's population may read - but only 1% are truly well off. The answer to vast tracts of wealth is not in a book.

No, the real reason I read - is to stay motivated.

Few people last long without motivation of some kind, the praise of friends and family, the nod from workmates, the cheers from an audience... all telling and reassuring them that path they've taken is the right one.

Imagine playing the lottery for 30 years and not winning a cent.

You'd give up by then - if you hadn't already done so 29 years earlier! The reason you keep playing is because you're motivated - not only by the thrill of a win, but also by living proof on my Testimonial pages.

These are real life examples of players winning all kinds of amounts... but WINNING nonetheless.

The winner's stories using my Silver Lotto System are inspirational indeed when you consider that most folk can't even get a free ticket with their quickpick ticket chosen by the lottery store machine.

- I read your tips from time to time to get motivated.

- i have won everytime i have played with your system since i joined. Im so happy i got it...

- Ken, I read your letter about the gentleman who waited a year to buy your system. Don't wait..Its the best system ever!!

- There is without a doubt a great feeling with winning! Since purchasing your system I keep winning...

- I won $1,181.00 and I'm still in shock! I am so happy, I keep pinching myself to see if I'm dreaming. 

So I read these GRQ (Get Rich Quick) books because I'm motivated by the contents. They are stories of obstacles overcome, backgrounds surpassed, enormous goals succeeded. 

And I write these daily articles in the same way - to help and encourage you to keep playing until you acquire the largest sum of money you'll ever get in your lifetime.

That's worth something, isn't it!