PLAN B: Should You Depend On Winning The Lottery For Your Retirement Fund?

Robert Kiyosaki thinks you can retire early his way. I have another idea. Photo: BBC

A surprising number of people do believe they'll have lottery winnings to see them though after retirement. And as I've made plenty off-the-wall opinions at times, maybe you'd expect me to agree.

Well, I don't. But I do think you need to use the lottery winning retirement concept as a maybe/sometime Plan C.

Here's my idea for retirement. Get started on your first step...

Plan A: Savings / company superannuation / investments etc.

Then concentrate on...

Plan B: Selling the lottery.

What am I talking about here? Well, Plan B involves making a decent income at any age by becoming a reseller of my systems. 

So how much could you make?

Let me tell you something about the enormous possibilities out there...

In less than a couple of weeks a reseller affiliate of mine made over $80,000 in sales from my system. He got three quarters of that huge sum - $60,000 - because I give a massive 75% commission.

Actually it's ClickBank who pay out the commission - as they have been doing for me since 2001. So you have the absolute surety of a check coming every week or two like clockwork.

I can't give away my affiliate's secret, but I can tell you this - they had a mailing list of enthusiastic buyers, and they simply sent out a single email with some details about the success of my systems.

That's all you have to do too. Build up a list of followers in ANY field that you have an interest in... motocross, stamp collecting, pets, BigFoot... and build a mailing list around it.

Then mention my system to the list from time to time, and you'll get sales. My sales page converts really well. I have even written some material you can use unaltered to send to your list.

You'll get results because my system is the only one with all these sales advantages:

  • Low low refund rate - under 3% of total sales - means you keep more of your commission.
  • Unending demand worldwide - you'll NEVER run out of buyers.
  • 20 years of success - a longstanding reputation that boosts sales for you.

See more by visiting the Lotto Affiliate Center.

It will be the best investment you'll ever make for your retirement, whether it's 5 years or 50 years away. And it's also something productive you can do after retirement too.

Tomorrow I'll tell you how you can have a selling website built for you - so you don't have to do anything but copy the letter and email it out.

In the meantime, don't give up on Plan C - winning the lottery!

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