RICH: The 8 Secrets Of The Super Successful Revealed

Sometime success is so obvious we overlook it.

That's why when I saw a book called "There’s Always Room at the Top: 8 Secrets of the Super Successful" by lawyer Alan S. Becker, I realized it contained all the skills we need to win the lottery too.

Here's the quick list he sets out:

1. Set a Goal and Do it. Two simple but necessary steps to success.

2. Know Your Limitations. But - you have no limitations except the ones you put on yourself.

3. Go With Your Gut. Every day you are faced with choices. According to Becker, the instinctive decisions coming from your gut are the best.

4. Never Quit. The most common characteristic of successful people is their steadfastness and determination to keep on going.

5. Keep Your Eye on the Doughnut. Focus is critical to the attainment of success.

6. There is Always Room at the Top. Becker writes, “Those who set their sights at the top are usually the ones who reach the top.”

7. Power Abhors a Vacuum. Successful people know how to seize opportunities.

8. Follow The Paths of Life. Becker believes that everyone has "a pre-determined path which we are destined to follow."

If you've been following these posts for a while, you'll know that I endorse and explain each one of these "secrets" in my own way.

It is just another example of how lotto and life are inseparable.


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