FREEDOM: It's Time To Take Back Control Over Your Lottery Destiny! Here's 3 Ways You Do It

My rare Omega Seamaster America's Cup model.

Many people don't have much say in their lives. They're told what to do by their bosses, the government, customs, social rules, banks.

It seems there's very little that isn't our own decision any longer.

Heck, our government even told me last week that I had to change my clock to their daylight saving hours and get up at a different time! (I ignore them).

The lottery seems the last place you can get control back. After all, a bunch of random numbers come tumbling out of a perspex barrel, and you get told whether you've won or not.

But it's not that hard to beat the system. You can get back in control of your own lottery destiny and stop being messed around by anyone.

Here's the 3 quick steps you need to do:

CONTROL #1: Fix your own numbers. Stop using quickpicks immediately and resolve to always use the Silver Lotto selection. Use the same numbers each time. That reduces the amount of chance you're exposed to.

CONTROL #2: Control your play days. Don't choose a popular draw day - that's when everyone else plays. If you all win the same prize, you're going to have to share it among you. Be creatively selfish - ask your store when the least popular games are played, and play only those days.

CONTROL #3: Stop believing in propaganda. When the doomsday folk tell you that you only have 1 chance in several hundred million of winning, ignore them. When you have the right knowledge, you know that your chances fall to as much as 1 in 14 when you apply the Silver Lotto System to your play.

Remember the more you control - the less you leave to chance!

By the way, when you acquire enough money, you can do what you want. That's how I can wake up at my own time. True freedom!