Here's A Source Of Never-ending Good News You Can Depend On

Bad news sells.

I was skimming through a few business news sites this morning, and one thing stood out. They were all negative.

There was no good news. Instead, there was a list of impending problems with the economy, politics and personal stuff. This is quite common - all news media get their readership by scaring you silly with announcements of doom.

But there is a source of good news.

It's the lottery, can you believe that? So let's measure the lottery up against the problems. I think you'll be surprised:

WORLD: Gas prices increase.
Lottery winning  jackpots amounts have generally increased each year.

WORLD: Food prices have shot up.
Lottery ticket prices have stayed the same, or risen slowly.

WORLD: Stocks and shares crash.
Lottery winning amounts have reliably stayed the same or increased.

WORLD: Cost of living goes up.
Lottery ticket prices have stayed the same, or only slowly increased.

WORLD: Price of houses has slumped.
Lottery winning amounts in all categories have generally increased.

I could go on. But I don't need to... I'm sure you get the picture. Every year the lottery becomes a better bet!

For example, in 2007 the Mega Millions highest payout was $270M. Not long ago we've seen it rocket to over twice the value - to $656M.

And here's one of the more amazing facts - most of my Silver Lotto products have remained at the same price for at least 10 years.

Yes - I haven't increased it for over a decade!

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