REVEALED: 10 Strange Facts I Know About You And Your Lottery Winning Habits

Since I started putting up polls on the Lotto Life, I've found the results to be a fascinating insight into how you think. And some of the answers are not what I expected.

Here's what I have found out about the people who click the VOTE button:

1. You're mainly PC users. Macs users show up as only 25% of the total votes. However, this is a big change from just a few years ago when Macs were consistently only 10% of the world's computer users.

2. A third of you wouldn't be satisfied with a $220 million winning. You want more. You're ambitious! That's why the recent $656 Mega Millions game attracted so much interest.

3. Many of you play twice a week and some of you more than that. A big 42% of you play twice a week, but another 31% play more times each week. We've got some serious players here, determined to get winning! Keep going - that's a good way to get the most from your Silver Lotto System.

4. A whopping 85% of you will keep your health insurance going even after a big win.

5. About half of you will only spend up to $10 a game. But 21% of you would spend over $500 a game if you knew there was a winning chance in there.

6. However, your win amounts are less ambitious... 32% of you are perfectly happy with just a $1 million win to make you give up your job.

7. A home is the main asset you would buy with your lottery win. Over half of you would buy a house first, while a fifth of you would put it in the bank. 16% of you would buy a new car, or go on an overseas trip (11%).

8. 72% of women would marry a guy who was short but rich. Hey, money talks!

9. Only 18% of you would want tell the world about your win... 82% of you want to keep it close to your chest.

10. The most interesting fact which seems to contradict (9) is that a closely equal number of you would wear a disguise to collect your winnings (56%), to those who would not (44%).

Of course, these results are fully anonymous and private. So feel free to add to the info in these polls whenever you come across one... it may help you win more in the future!



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