10 Strange Facts I Know About You And Your Lottery Winning Habits


Since I started putting up polls on the Lotto Life a while back, I've found the results to be a fascinating insight into how you think. And some of the answers are not what I expected.

Here's what I have found out about the people who click the VOTE button:

1. You're mainly PC users. Macs users show up as only 25% of the total votes. However, this is a big change from just a few years ago when Macs were consistently only 10% of the world's computer users.

2. A third of you wouldn't be satisfied with a $220 million winning. You want more. You're ambitious! That's why a $656 Mega Millions game attracted so much interest.

3. Many of you play twice a week and some of you more than that. A big 42% of you play twice a week, but another 31% play more times each week. We've got some serious players here, determined to get winning! Keep going - that's a good way to get the most from your Silver Lotto System.

4. A whopping 85% of you will keep your health insurance going even after a big win.

5. About half of you will only spend up to $10 a game. But 21% of you would spend over $500 a game if you knew there was a winning chance in there.

6. However, your win amounts are less ambitious... 32% of you are perfectly happy with just a $1 million win to make you give up your job.

7. A home is the main asset you would buy with your lottery win. Over half of you would buy a house first, while just over a quarter of you would put it in the bank. 16% of you would buy a new car, or go on an overseas trip (11%).

8. 72% of women would marry a guy who was short but rich. Hey, money talks!

9. Only 18% of you would want to tell the world about your win... 82% of you want to keep it close to your chest.

10. The most interesting fact which seems to contradict (9) is that a closely equal number of you would wear a disguise to collect your winnings (56%), to those who would not (44%).

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