Here's Why I'm Giving My 98 Year-Old Mother-In-Law A New Phone

This morning I'm about to visit Nell, my mother-in-law, and give her a new phone.

She's 98, and every few days she keeps forgetting to turn off her mobile phone so we can't ring her.

So I've bought her a specialized corded phone to replace it. It's designed for the elderly. It has a loud ring, suits hearing aid users, and the best part - it has a photo button quick ring.

You put a passport-size photo in each button of the people she calls, and all Nell needs to do is press our face to ring us.

While she still has excellent abilities for remembering numbers, there will come a time when that will be useful.

It's important to get the right tool for the circumstances.

The new phone ready to deliver!

Like a basic phone, the basic Silver Lotto System is excellent just as it is. But to hit the 98% win rate thatI get, you need specialized products.

That's why I use LottoPredict to push the results higher.

Then the PRO Custom Profiles - just like the special phone - gets us all the way to a 98% win rate.

SIDE NOTE: A few months ago when Nell forgot to turn off her mobile phone a few times, I came up with an idea. I bought a cheap cellphone and had it permanently plugged in near her chair.

When she doesn't answer her main phone, I give the cellphone a ring. She then knows to check her phone.

Hopefully we won't have that problem from today!

UPDATE: The phone's working and she's happy. Mission accomplished!