STRATEGY: The Clever *Negative Number Effect* That Creates More Lottery Winners

When you get the right numbers, winning puts you on top of the world!

"If there's so many websites out there," complained my wife, exasperated, as she pecked at the iMac keyboard, "then how come I can't find what I'm looking for!"

The net has approximately 366 million websites, according to in their 2011 survey. It's probably a LOT more now.

That's more information than anyone will ever be able to read in their lifetime. (Not that you'd want to read it all... there's a lot of rubbish out there!)

How many of those are lotto systems, do you think?

There are surprisingly few - maybe a dozen or less if you take out the fraudulent sites, the overstated winnings, the blatant copies of my Silver Lotto System, and those other systems based on made-up testimonies.

So there's really only a handful left. Why is that?

Why - with all the vast amount of shared knowledge we have on this planet - are there so few systems that claim to get you winning lotto?

And why is mine at the top? I tell my wife it's because I'm a genius, but she doesn't believe me either.

The fact is, the other failure systems try to calculate *winning* numbers. They try to pick numbers based on past selections - a history of winnings if you will. Hot and cold numbers. Numbers due. Patterns.

And they fail miserably in getting you the results you want. So how do you cut through the glut of useless systems?

You think outside the box. My system is the only one that works the other way - backwards, like this:

Instead of picking the winning numbers, I pick the failures... the numbers and number combinations which will never get selected. My research identifies and pinpoints most of those number selections.

I call it the Negative Number Effect.

And I identify almost 98% of all those non-winning number combinations... leaving you with just 2% of winners to sort from.

No-one else does this - or even comes close.

Like the millions of useless websites out there, there are also millions of useless numbers in lotto. The secret is knowing which to discard to get the winning combinations.

"Aha!" said my wife, "at last I found what I was looking for." The smile on her face was better than a lottery win.