LIFESTYLE: How Passion Will Drive You To Winning More... Faster Than Before

Winner Gavin Davies with his Lamborghini Gallardo, built by the passionate Italians -

I've never been a casual guy. I'm passionate about many things. Once I spoke to the owner of a Lamborghini, black and sleek, parked away from the crowd. I admired it.

"Oh, it's only one of three other cars I've got," he tossed off casually.

He was too rich. As a member of one of our country's wealthiest families, he was obviously well used to having anything he wanted. These things didn't matter that much to him.

No passion, just boredom. 

I'm not like that. Sometimes I go down to my garage at night and just look at the gleaming sports car sitting there, maybe giving a polish if it's needed.

I might sit in the passenger seat and enjoy the different view, taking in the elegant design, the smell of sumptuous leather and wood.

I'm passionate about my cars, my lifestyle, and this business of helping others obtain wealth through the lottery systems I sell. (When someone wins $22.2 million winning with my System, you'd get excited too!)

I believe passion overcomes all barriers, propels us to greater heights, makes life enjoyable and worth living.

Some of that comes from having nothing, as I did at times, and working hard to get what you want.

Even winning the lottery is the same. Without putting in consistent effort, you simply won't get there.

And my System makes this process the easiest it can ever be.

Other players with other systems spend their nights each week filling out tickets for the next game from pages of complex figures.

But you have already done it - a once-only 30 minute task - then no more. That's a huge benefit.

It's just a matter of presenting the same tickets each game until you win. Because you will eventually will win.

And then one day you'll be standing in your garage admiring your car collection, or in your lounge admiring your Lladro collection, and happily wondering how life can possibly get any better than this.