DISASTER: My Groundhog Day--And The Fix I Found That Helps You Win Lotto

When disaster strikes - start reading!

In our last house - just before we sold it, I dropped some shoe polish on a wall-to-wall light colored carpet.

The stain just got bigger as I tried to fix it up with all kinds of cleaning goo.

The professional carpet guy who came the next day said it was permanent - beyond fixing. So we put a mat over the top of the stain. And of course that never looked right either.

So when we came to sell our place, there was no answer but to replace the carpet with that ugly mark right in the middle of the room.

And worse, we had to replace all the upstairs carpet as well, since the brand and style wasn't made any longer and it no longer matched the rest of the house.

Fast-forward to not-so-long-ago in our new home.

That day was Groundhog Day for me. Because I did the exact same thing.

I dropped some shoe polish on a bedroom carpet in our new home. Will I never learn!

Well, yes, this time I did.

I went straight to my home office and opened Google. While the stain was quickly setting upstairs, I frantically googled through several articles about removing shoe polish stains.

Some answers suggested I use turpentine. Others said give up.

Three minutes later I had a room smelling of turpentine and littered with screwed up paper towels - and an immaculate carpet! And I'm sure my wife never guessed.

The difference between an expensive $2,000 carpet replacement in our last home, and the zero cost fix-up yesterday was simply this...

Knowledge. I knew what to do.

But more than this - it was knowledge backed by many others who had experienced the same problem and offered an answer which worked.

When you go looking for an answer for winning lotto, you'll come across many solutions. Some of them will work.

But what you really need is the confirmation from hundreds of people who have used the best system and found it works.

My Silver Lotto website is the only system I know that lists hundreds of testimonials about the effectiveness of my products.

Just like getting the right answer for carpet problems, testimonials are the best way to point you in the right direction fast.