BLUE SKY THINKING: You Know When You're Rich When...

There's a ton of wisecracks about this "you know when you're rich" heading. They include:

  • You've forbidden your daughter to shop at Wal-Mart for fear someone might see her.
  • When your checking account dips below $100,000, you go into "frugal" mode.
  • When you fill out a survey, you can't help laughing because the "Annual Income" box only goes up to $500,000 a year.
  • Your six year old knows what a hostile take-over is.

All most amusing. But the REAL way to tell is when you care more about the people you're spending on than the money. Here's some examples:

- A woman regularly pays her cleaner more than the weekly account because, as she says, "cleaning anyone's toilets really is the most disgusting job." So she makes sure the cleaner is well compensated.

- One time I bled on my pillowcase from a razor cut. Knowing that it would take my laundry service - a one person operation - a lot of time to clean it, I gave her an extra $20. (I called it "blood money" and she was highly amused).

- I've given tens of thousands away to friends and family in money and goods. The last one was yesterday to a friend of my mother-in-law who had visited and helped her with gardening and cleaning over the last 10 years. I gave her a computer and screen in return for a $50 donation to her church. Win-win.

- Most people give buskers small change, coin or small denomination notes. I don't. If the musician has any talent at all - and most do - I tip $20 or $50. It takes guts to play in public, and if I enjoy the music - it's a win-win again.

- One guy paid for the person ahead of him on the supermarket... a flustered woman who had bought the wrong wallet with her. He refused to give her his phone number when she asked to pay him back, making it a true gift.

- I NEVER ask for a refund or return any publication I buy, hard cover or ebook. Every book is worth something to me and to the author who wrote it. Even a single idea will pay me for it many times over.

Those are the little things that remind some of us daily how well off we are.

But do you know the best definition?

You're rich when you work because you WANT to, not because you have to.

Let me help you get rich...