STRATEGY: Are You A Hobby Lottery Player? Don't Settle For Second-Best!

If you have a hobby, you know that it's a lot different to your work. You might only practice your hobby if you're in the right mood, or if you have nothing going on at the time.

If you miss a week or two, it doesn't matter... it's only a hobby.

My hobby is music, and I play the guitar for half an hour or so a day. Here's a pic of my Maton in the corner of my office.

But sometimes I miss a day or three. Sometimes I don't feel musical and miss more days. Other times I'll play the same tunes, and it might take me a few weeks to find and learn a new tune.

If I were to play the lottery like this, I wouldn't get anywhere.

Because hobby players...

  • Play the lottery only when they feel good.
  • Vary the amount of money they spend. Could be $5 one week, $60 the next.
  • Don't stick to known facts, but play as the mood takes them.

Nothing wrong with that... after all, lotto is a fun game and should be played when you enjoy it. But you're unlikely to get any wins of the size you need to change your life.

The secret is to be a hard-nosed investor instead of a hobbyist. Not only will it benefit your own games, but you'll find you attitude will spread to other parts of your life as well.

As a serious lotto investor, you'll sometimes have off-times. Your lottery investment may not always pay off. Just like the real world, you sometimes have to make a loss before a profit. Grin and bear it.

You MUST be consistent. Playing when you feel like it won't cut any mustard. Put money aside and play regularly.

One of the most effective ways of improving anything you do is to get inspired. Read these posts often, and share them with your friends. There's a lot of wisdom here.

And don't give up. The next win is just around the corner!


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