While You Were Sitting Around Yesterday, 3,808 Silverites Were Winning Lottery Prizes

These two Lotto Max winners didn't sit around waiting to win $22 million.

In the weekend - while you were goofing around, eating, watching tv, fixing your car, having fun with your kids, nightclubbing, darning your socks... about 3,808 Silver Lotto System owners have won prizes of some kind.

How did I come up with this figure for these players?

First, I want you to realize what this means. What have these winners done that YOU didn't do? I'll tell you right now... they did this:

1. Took action.
2. Took more action.
3. Took yet further action.

And the common word is ACTION!

  • When I dangled an exciting offer under their noses, they bought it.
  • When I said they were lazy, they got motivated.
  • When I said stop reading and buy tickets, they went out and did it.

In other words, the winners were ACTION-TAKERS.

Nothing happens without action. You wouldn't be reading this post, for example, if I had decided to stay in my comfortable bed with the $3,000 mattress this morning. So at 7am I got up as the sun was breaking through, and started writing.

How did I figure that 3,808 Silverites won something this weekend? This way...

I counted up the number of emails I got over a year telling me about their wins. Emails from excited winners like Michael A:

Then I added these success stories up, multiplied in a probability factor based on the number of buyers over that time, figured that only a certain percentage play a week, and up came the figure of 3,808 winners.

It's actually approximate, but I personally think that's quite low. You see, many people who win free tickets, or get $10 or $20 or even $500 prizes - don't bother to tell me of their success.

So there are most likely many more winners than I know about. Will you be one of them?

Take Action Now!

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