WINNING CHANGES: Why I Walk Backwards Down The Stairs

Variety is the spice of life. But there's one thing you mustn't change, and I'll you about that in a minute...

To introduce variety I sometimes I walk down our stairs backwards. Our house has 28 steps spread over four different levels... it makes for an interesting trip.

Here's a picture (above) of the top level - complete with our curious cat! I hold on to the rail as I go - no use taking unnecessary risks! To enhance the sensation, I sometimes I close my eyes as well.

That's not all... sometimes I swap my knife and fork to different hands while eating dinner. (But with more success than Steve Martin playing an unstable relative in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels").

I have a choice of three cars to visit the lotto shops or go traveling, and I mix them up a bit. And I always take a different route wherever I go.

All this activity is designed to keep my brain sharp by challenging it constantly.

If you do something different every day instead of wearing out the same old rut, this constant re-adaption keeps your senses alert. And your brain, reflexes and thinking abilities will be constantly growing.

Some folk do a daily crossword puzzle. Others create with knitting or painting. All good.

You can do this in lotto too... just change your game every once in a while. You'll be surprised what a difference it makes when you have to figure out new numbers for your tickets and go to a different newspaper or TV to see your results.

While this advice won't make you an automatic lottery winner, it will help you adapt and grow as your life flows along. These steps make change easier, and keeps you mentally stimulated.

You become more open to new ideas, which is very good thing.

And the one thing you shouldn't change, long term?

Don't change the numbers in your Silver Lotto System. That's the only thing in your lotto life that should stay constant!