QUEST: The Simple Life: Why Does Stuff Have To Be So Complex! Hint - Here's An Answer

Why is the washing machine so far away from the closet?

Chuck wrote me about my diet program: "Ken, I have no beef with your banned diet, I lost more weight the last week since I bought it than anything I've tried before. But why is it so simple, can't you put in some recipes or something, pad it out?"

I agree. But all my life I've tried to reduce complexity to make things more simple.

I'm not simple - far from it. But I believe that many things in this life are unnecessarily complex:

- All computers are still too complicated. I've been using them since the early 90s and they still haven't addressed some basic problems. Why can't they automatically fix all viruses and self-heal? Why can't we just press our credit card to the screen and buy something instantly without any complicated steps? (Yes, I know about NFC and tapping, but you can't do that over the net, yet).

- Diets are the worse for complexity. Why do we need 100's of different diets when the problem is essentially and simply one thing? One reason of course for greedy diet gurus is that complexity sells more. Ever read about the blood group diet? It's one of many pandering to the same problem and using different solutions. Wrong!

- I've complained about this one to my wife for years... why do we put the washing machine way down in the basement or garage? It's a long walk and back with an armful of laundry. Isn't it more convenient to have it in our wardrobe, next to our clothes? (She said, "what about the noise?" I said, "we are never in the bedroom during the day when the washing machine runs.")

Some people like masses of information... they feel they're getting real benefit for their money.

So when they flip through about 50 pages of the Silver Lotto System manual, they wonder if they are getting value.

When they see how simple my Banned Food Diet (now removed from sale) is, they wonder if the only slimming part is the manual.

Don't worry, there was plenty of value there.

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Simple! And of course, you only need do it once-only, ever. How simple is that!.


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