QUIZ: Is Your Personality A Scratch Card Player, Or A Lottery Player?

Do you prefer the instant appeal of scratchies... or are you happy to wait it out for the lottery to draw?

You'll be surprised to know the game you prefer often reveals your personality.

Answer these 5 quick questions to find out:

YES / NO: Do you get impatient in queues?
YES / NO: When you buy chocolate, do you eat it right away?
YES / NO: Do you believe time is money?
YES / NO: Are you annoyed at slow drivers?
YES / NO: Do you rush when you shop?

If your answers were mainly YES, then you prefer the immediacy of Scratcher results... the quick results. You might be a Type A personality - fast moving, want answers fast.

Games like Scratch cards and the poker machines appeal to you because of their instant rewards.

If you answered mainly NO, then you have more patience to wait for your lottery win. You may also be the kind of person who is not often late, helpful and patient.

Neither trait is good or bad, according to the numerous personality tests out there. Just different.

Doesn't matter how you win it - money is money!

And the only difference between the games is the sum of the prize. Many lotteries go into the hundreds of millions, but scratch cards usually only go up to $1,000,000.

Personally, I believe it's best to play the lottery. You get more tickets - and opportunities to win, for your dollar. And the jackpot is bigger. Sometimes, bigger IS better!


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