ERROR ALERT: Boo-Boos Make Lottery Accuracy Impossible For Pamela, Danes And Me

Pamela Ivey won 4 times her original prize when the clerk made a mistake by adding the Megaplier - which boosted her Mega Millions total to $1 million.
Via Kentucky Lottery

I check the Mega Millions official website several times a day to update my "Playing This Week" jackpot figures. It's over there in the right hand column.

Yesterday it had jumped from $20 million to $208 million.

"Oh, OK," I thought. "They've pulled in money from a reserve fund I guess," and duly typed in the updated figures.

No, they were wrong. So on the next check they had corrected it - and so did I, feeling sorry for the folk who thought another Big Win was in the wind.

Danske Spil - the Danish lottery

Then last week 300 Danes - who excitedly thought they had won billions of dollars each - discovered Denmark's state lottery company had made a mistake. They only got $35 to $70 each.

Human error was the cause, and it usually is. That's why it is so important that you get your tickets checked by machine. 

Even if you only have a couple of tickets - get them officially checked.

Anyone can make mistakes, but missing out on a major win is one error you DON'T want happening to you.