POLL: Would YOU Keep Your Lottery Winning A Secret - Or Tell The World?

An anonymous donor gave this Long Island church $3 million. Via nydailynews

After seeing the previous posts on masked winners, a reader had some ideas on whether you should hide away after your big win - or come straight out and front up to the world. They said:

"I'd tell everyone! What's the point of having a bunch of greenbacks if you can't brag about it. Why do you have to hide it, what's going to happen? No-one I know has ever been kidnapped because of their lottery winnings.

Go for it - you can't keep getting a lot of money secret anyhow. What happens when someone asks you how you got your house and how you can afford to take world trips and stuff. Me? The lottery? No, I saved it up from my job which you never see me go to!"